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What's BioCloud?

The bio-cloud storage system which belongs to China National GeneBank (CNGB) is built on the storage platform of BGI, by using cloud technologies to provide biological data storage service for free.

We open the free space for biological data, so what you need to do is to register an account and log in, then you can upload your biological data, and also can download all open access data.

The data will be encrypted and protected by the system automatically once be uploaded. Unless the data linked out by yourself, no users cannot get it except yourself.

Here, through the cloud system, you can share your biological resources and scientific researches with biological experts all over the world. You can make full use of the valuable public data uploaded by other users, so you can obtain the latest achievements in the field of biology. The bio-cloud system will be your personal integrated biological data library.

The technical support for the service comes from a professional team in China National GeneBank, and we promise the long-term support services for you. Please join us!

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